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Friday, October 28, 2005


Do not be surprised if you try to locate a person in some company or office this afternoon and cannot find him. If you try again on Saturday or Monday, you can be quite sure he is not there. Why is that so?
Because Tuesday the 1st of November is a public holiday in Spain, and many are making an additional holiday out of it, what is called a "Puente" - meaning a bridge - from Friday afternoon to Wednesday.

Yesterday my garage phoned to tell me they had now got the spareparts needed to repair my car, if I could bring it in on Wednesday next week. I asked: "Why not Monday morning?". The answer was, of course:
"Because Tuesday is a Holiday and then we are making a Puente out of it!"

PS: Have you read about the Labour Calendar for 2006 on the FIPE webpage, under Information in Depth and Miscellaneous?