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Friday, October 07, 2005

LRAU - drama and comedy

With the publication of the report from the EU investigating commission on urbanistic abuses in the Valencia region, that have now been sent to the European Parliament, a new chapter in the LRAU drama has opened. The report has the following main points:
- a strong critic of the Valencian government for permitting the abuses under the perverse LRAU law
- suspicion of corruption in the process
- proposal for compensations to the victims
- hope that the new law replacing LRAU will be better in form and content.

Simultanously the Valencia government has added its own chapter of comedy, where they in principle accept
payment of compensation to the victims, but at the same time and for the fourth time postpone the introduction of the new law, called LUV, giving the speculators even more time to present new plans based on LRAU to the great amount already existing.
To avoid the political blame on this issue, the minister of urbanistic matters has proposed a pact with the opposition party PSOE, whereby the government suspends the projects for new makro-urbanisations along the coast, if the socialist mayors withdraw the proposals for "a golf course plus x tousand new dwellings".