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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Have umbrella - want rain

I have always an umbrella in my car, in case it starts to rain. Since February it has not been unfolded, because the few drops falling have come overnight. Day after day for 8 months the sun has been shining.
But it is because of the sunshine and the dry climate that we foreigners settle in Spain, so why should we worry?

The worry is that the present drought, the worst since 120 years, will damage the agriculture, lessen the harvest and drive up prices for fruits and vegetables in our supermarket.

The worry is also that the forests are dry, and each week come reports on new forest fires somewhere on the Iberian peninsula. Maybe the next one will be in our municipality?

A great worry is of course that the water dams are becoming empty. At the moment the dams in Spain are filled only to 18,30% of their capacity. The water level in the ground is sinking due to the new wells being opened. In some places a water rationing has been imposed. When will it happens at our place?

But the greatest worry is that the present drought obviously is part of a general warming up of our globe, due to human and specially political irresponsibility. A sad inheritance to pass on to our children and grandchildren.