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Sunday, May 07, 2006


The worst enemies of golfing are the property promoters, planning golf courses everywhere to be able to build some thousand of dwellings around them. And of course, the politicians approving the plans for such constellations and the construction of more golf courses all over the territory, the more the better.

The citizens in the municipalities where out-of-town builders and politicians plans/approves makro-urbanisations with one or more golf courses, are protesting. They do not want the scarce resources of land and water to be misused. Local politicians often support the mega-projects, since they are giving the local town hall tax income to cover rising expences.

Several countries in Europe can report the construction of more golf courses than there are golfers using them. Several places along the Spanish Mediterranean coast are heading rapidly for that situation.

I cannot think of any other sport where is needed more space in relation to users and spectators. I cannot think of any other sport where is neeeded more water per user.

Why not use the rain-heavy parts of Spain for golf courses and make public parks open for anyone between the houses on the coastal developments?