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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

European lobbies

The policy of the Valencia government in the urbanistic field has been severely condemned by the European parliament and the European Commission has given the government 3 weeks to clean up certain aspects of its laws (2 weeks remaining of the deadline).

It is natural that politicians taken to task try to defend themselves. Spokesman of the Consell Valenciana, and leading member of the government, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, has been doing so. He has recently declared that there are European lobbies behind the decision of the European Parliament, "interested in that the the investments coming to the Valencia region shall go to other parts of the Mediterranean." He is pointing an accusing finger at Italy and the Balcans.

So now we know. The thousands of victims and upright people that have joined in the protest
to the European parliament are just pretending to be victims. In reality they are moles placed in Spain by the lobbies of Italy and the Balcans.

The members of the investigating delegation, of the commission of petitions (unanimously supporting the report), the 511 members of the European Parliament endorsing the condemnation and of course the European Commission, they are all representing "economical interests" in Italy and the Balcans......

Leading Spanish writer Antonio Gala commented recently in a leading daily paper on the urbanistic situation in Valencia, referring to the "wall of urbanisations and cement" erected along the coast, creating a fortification against the pirates of the Mediterranean "that today are on the shores". He ends lamenting the lack in the region of "governors with heads and prevision of the future".

No one can say it better than Gala.