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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

El Mundo leading net-paper in Europe

As a reader from the first day of the independent Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" and an avid user of its edition on the internet, I almost feel proud that this edition has not only beaten all Spanish competitors, but is also the newspaper in Europe most widely read on the web. During last October "" reached a total of 7,2 million readers, visiting 239 million pages.

We must remember that the internet penetration in Spain is only 35%, well below the countries of northern Europe, and that the information of El Mundo is only published in Spanish. With this in mind it is great that the newspaper holds spot 230 among all internet pages in the world, while the German "Bild" is number 265, "The Guardian" from UK is 300, the Swedish "Aftonbladet" holds spot 307, "Times" is 636 and "El Pais" 853.

Among the newspapers of the world, "El Mundo" is beaten on the web only by
"New York Times" (spot 77), "Washington Post" (169) and "USA Today" (216). is well worth a visit!