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Friday, December 16, 2005

The count down

The plenary meeting of the European Parliament has with 550 votes in favor, 45 against and 25 abstentions condemned the urbanistic policy of the Valensia government and demanded compensation for the victims of the LRAU-law as well as an immediate moratorium on all new urbanisation plans pending approval, based on that law, until new, correct legislation has been approved.

This is strong, but necessary medicine. It is obvious that the Euro-deputies are tired of all excuses and manoeuvres and manipulations by the responsibles for the urbanistic policy of the Valensia government.

The European Commission has followed up, giving the regional government 3 weeks to adopt the proposed new law (LUV) to European legislation. That refers specifically to the contract procedure. If the changes are not introduced within the short time limit given, the Commission will take Spain before the Court of Justice. This is even stronger medicine.

The count down is running.