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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

From 5 to 15

The weather on Costa Blanca is the best you can find in Europe - from the point of view of a tourist. Today we have 15 degrees, sunshine, but with a bit chilly wind. On the European continent, hardly better anywhere.

However, during the night we were down to 5 degrees. The ones sitting in Northern Europe will say: That is nothing and they will tell how many degrees below zero they had last night.

I know, but the problem is that the Spanish dwellings are not built for cold nights, so that even with the heater on, one has to put a warm plaid over the knees not to freeze behind the thin exterior walls.

But has not new legislation been introduced when it comes to thermal insulation of dwellings? That is true, but it is also true that new dwellings are just as cold as the old ones. It seems that always a short cut is found to avoid improving the quality of construction.

What is the solution? It could be building yourself, or staying over the winter in the Carribean or on the coast of Brazil, where spanish investors are now going to construct hotels and dwellings.