Monday, March 19, 2007

Using the periscope

Using the periscope

Probably, not so many have been into a real submarine, pushing up the periscope to get a close view of anything new on the horizon. But most of us
have seen on film the exercise being made.

I use the periscope from time to time (I admit, for the last 3 months I have been mostly in the deep ocean, depending on my radar), to see if there is anything new for the Europeans going to warmer and greener shores and mountains.

And yes, something new has been registered:

- A new tax law, a new state budget and even the rules for application of the new law, that gives the non-resident owners a fairer deal when it comes to the feared capital gains taxes when selling the house in Spain. As a result of a reprimand from the European Commission, the government has reduced the tax rate from the confiscatory 35% to a milder 18. For details, look at the web page of Ciudadanos Europeos.

- After much pressure from the association Ciudadanos Europeos and the European Commission, the government has finally and grudgingly decided to introduce EU directive number 34 of 2004 into Spanish law, suppressing the obligation for the EU citizens to carry a residence card. Instead will be issued a certificate by the Foreigners Office or the police station with a foreigners department (meaning we are still in the hands of the Ministry of the Interior).
We are not completely happy with the solution, and give our comments on the web page of Ciudadanos Europeos.

- I have also observed through my periscope that many Europeans from the north are leaving Spain, for their home country or for new and greener shores in other parts of the world. At the same time, the number of new Europeans buying a home for retirement in Spain has dramatically diminished. This is a trend that may indicate the end of a period.

Periscope down.