Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Elections of integrations

For many years, the government of Felipe Gonzalez kept the European citizens in Spain away from the ballot boxes in local elections. The excuses were of technical character, but the real reason was that the socialists thought that the vote of the foreigners would be conservative.
A grave error.

It was only when PP came to power that we were permitted to vote. But the real push for a democratic change did not come from Madrid. It came from the European Union in Brussels and from the areas of Spain where our association Ciudadanos Europeos was active. PP thought also that the foreigners vote would be conservative.
Another grave error.

On the 27th of May we will again have the right of voting in the local elections taking place, not in the regional elections performed simultaneously in most of the regions. There are more European citizens registered as voters than any time before. On many of the lists you will find non-Spanish candidates. In several places the European citizens are presenting independent list of Spanish and foreigners.

Felipe Gonzalez: You was the conservative!

And how to vote?
The association Ciudadanos Europeos have never recommended the vote for one particular party on the national level, and we never shall. First of all, we recommend all European citizens in Spain to vote. Secondly we say: Do not vote in accordance with the political ideology you have brought with your from your home country. Such ideologies do not serve in local elections in Spain. Read the programs and listen to the candidates: Will they stop the urbanistic abuse? Will they use the taxpayers money in a responsible manner? Will they promote the integration of the foreigners?

I am very content that several members of the board of the Ciudadanos Europeos are candidates in their municipalities. Tony Cabban will be on one of the first places on the candidate list for the party Nueva Javea, Lenox Napier is on the second spot on the list Ciudadanos Europeos for Mojacar, Eric Svanberg on the third place on the list of PP in Alfax, and Lisa Svoboda is one of the top candidates on the CIBE/BLOC platform in Benissa.

The municipal elections on the 27th will be the elections of integration!