Thursday, May 24, 2007

A split vote

If anyone who has voting rights both in the municipal and regional elections read this blog, and if that anybody is living in the Valencia region, I would like to remind about the possibility of a split vote. In the regional elections the main thing is to vote against the government of Francisco Camps, leader of PP in the region. He is the politically responsible for the "Abusos Urbanisticos", for the non-compliance with the recommendations from the European Parliament, and for the thousands of victims of LRAU and LUV.

He is also the politically responsible for the torpedoing of FIPE, the intent launched by his predecessor as president of the Valencia government, to set up an organisation to inform and assist the foreign property buyers and owners.

The alternative vote is for the socialists in PSOE or the joint ticket of Izquerda Unida and Bloc.

A recommendation of PSOE?

Does this mean that I give a general recommendation to vote PSOE, Izquerda Unida or Bloc? By all means NO. In the municipal elections all depend on the local situation. I would have voted against the socialist mayor of Catral, responsible for the illegal construction of more than 100o dwellings; in Marbella I would have voted for PP, the only party not involved in the urbanistic sump of the town; in Cullera (Valencia) I would have voted against the Bloc-party, that took part in the intent to create a skyscraper city; in Torrevieja and Alicante I would have voted against the PP-mayors that have been indicted on several accounts....And of course: In Javea I would vote for the list of Nueva Javea, where you will find Tony Cabban, and that is presenting a foreigner as their candidate for mayor!
In Mojacar (Almeria) I would, of course, vote for Ciudadanos Europeos de Mojacar, with Lenox Napier on second spot. In Alfaz del Pi I would have voted for Eric Svanberg. In Benissa I would have searched for the list with Lisa Svoboda as a prominent candidate.....

And what about Altea?

Since you know that I live in Altea, you may want to ask me: And what is your vote in your home town? The answer is I will not be voting, and I will tell the reason after the elections. But let me say: I have great respect for the mayor Miguel Ortiz, from PP. The opposition say: He is responsible for all the construction that has taken place! I disagree, the responsible for the extensive building activity in our town are the two parties that held power before Miguel and approved the current General Plan: PSOE and Bloc.

Miguel has always been open to the foreigners and their situation, both as mayor of Altea and in other institutions.

If you, as a matter of principle, do not want to vote PP, there is another possibility in Altea: The leftist federation Izquerda Unida has an excellent program and has taken the revolutionary step to nominate the softspoken German medic Ernst Schmitz as their candidate for mayor!

My wish for Altea: Miguel Ortiz as mayor, and Ernst Schmitz as council member!